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Com-Pac Picnic Cat - Main

Made from a 5.0 oz. Tanbark-colored Dacron, with a bolt rope luff, sailbag, and other features.
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Description We make our Main to fit the Com-Pac Picnic Cat with a 5.0 oz. Tanbark-colored Dacron from Challenge Sailcloth, America's premier manufacturer of woven sailcloth. The sail attaches along the luff with a bolt rope that slides up into the mast tunnel. A drawstring sailbag is included for storage.

The sail includes one reef. Please note, for Tanbark sails, we prefer to make our leech reinforcements (back edge of the sail) by folding the edges of the sail, or by using the same shade Tanbark reinforcing tapes on the leech and foot (and on gaff sails, the head). Please note, this may not be possible in all circumstances, and when possible, the Tanbark we use for the tapes may vary in color from the base sailcloth. If color match is critical, please call us.

We can also apply full-color graphics and images of any kind in our in-house sail graphics division. Other options and accessories are available, some listed below, and if you have something else in mind, we're happy to customize the sail in any way you like. Just call us at 800-541-7601 for pricing and details.

This item is not in stock. We would make it after you place your order and ship it to you within 4 weeks.