Catalina 22 - Mainsail (Cruising)

4 oz. Dacron, with 4 full battens, with a set of slides on the luff, sailbag, and other features. IN STOCK.
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Description Our Catalina 22 Cruising Mainsail is perfect for heavy-duty sailing applications, and at a great price. We build it from a rugged 4 oz. Dacron made by Dimension-Polyant, a world leader in performance woven sailcloth. It comes with four full (long) battens, and one full set of reef points for shortening sail. Round, 1/2" luff slugs insert into the mast on the front of the sail, and a 3/8" bolt rope connects it to the boom. We add an adjustible leechline, colored telltales and a rugged, drawstring sailbag as final touches, and you're ready to sail!!

This item is not in stock, but would ship within three weeks.


Just a note to thank you and your staff for the great job in designing and installing the new staysail for my Hunter Passage 42.

- Hunter Passage 42

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