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In Stock Now
We carry many new and used sails in stock, ready to ship on the next UPS truck. As a full-service sail loft, we're happy to add features or make modifications in any way (though this adds a few days) -- just let us know how we can help.
Catalina 22 Furling Genoa (135%)
Product ID : CLR7069
5.5 oz. Dacron Jib with #5 lufff tape and white UV Dacron suncover. Luff =...
Custom Mainsail
Product ID : CLR7070
5 oz. Dacron, One Reef, Four Partial Battens, Loose Foot, Bolt Rope Luff....
E-Boat CV16 Jib
Product ID : CLR3774
Brand New 3.9oz Dacron (white) Jib, Hanks along luff. Luff = 12.80', Leech...
Hobie 16 Main
Product ID : CLR4258
Brand new white dacron mainsail for a Hobie 16. Sail has black Hobie logo and...
Hobie One / Holder 12 Jib
Product ID : CLR5618
3.9oz. Yellow, Orange and Blue
Hobie Wave Mainsail
Product ID : CLR3770
Brand new mainsail for a Hobie Wave. Made with 6oz Red White and Blue Dacron...
Hunter 140 Jib RF Jib
Product ID : CLRHUN1405
3.9oz Natural White Jib - Tag 4326 - Brand New
Jib Hank-on
Product ID : CLR5617
New hank-on jib. (Leech=13.31', Luff=14.55', Foot=7.4')
Laser Pico Mainsail
Product ID : CLR5615
3.9 oz. Dacron, sail is Pink, Green, and Ice Blue.
Product ID : CLR5606
Brand new white mainsail. (Luff=25.75', Foot=7.35', Leech=26.25')
Seaward Fox Jib
Product ID : CLR3488
Seaward Fox Main
Product ID : CLR3489
Tanzer 14 Main
Product ID : CLR3089
3.9oz Natural Dacron. Needs battens.
Venture Cat Jib
Product ID : CLR3695
Brand new Jib fit a 7 batten main (Luff=15.54', Leech=13.27', Foot=4.5')
Whaler Squall Main
Product ID : CLR4972
Brand new white sail for a Boston Whaler Squall . Lanteen Rig
Whaler Squall Main
Product ID : CLR4973
Brand new white sail for a Boston Whaler Squall . Lanteen Rig
Puffer - Jib
Product ID : PUF1000
Made from a white 3.9 oz. Dacron, with a hank-on luff, and other features....
Windrider 17 - Screecher
Product ID : WND1720
Made from a white 3.9 oz. Dacron, with a wire luff, and other features....