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If you have a common boat like a Sunfish or Hobie Cat, you can browse our online store for instant prices and purchasing. If you have dimensions for a custom sail, give us a ring and we can get you a price on the phone.

If at any time you'd like to speak with a person, just call us at 800-541-7601, and we'll be happy to help you in person.

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While some sails like the small-boat production sails we sell in our on-line store are one-size-fits-all, just about anything over 22 feet, and certainly anything intended for serious use, needs to be priced and built as a custom sail, with an understanding of your sailing plans, location, and goals. Our sail consultants have almost 100 years combined experience in boats of all sizes and can recommend the right sail for you, if they know how you're going to use it. Please tell us what kind of boat you have, what sail you're looking for, and what kind of sailing you're planning. Please include a phone number so we can ask any more questions we need to get you the right sail at the right price.