Clearance & Used

Clearance & Used
Our Clearance Racks contain sails for all kinds of boats. New sails end up here when customers return them, someone made a sizing error, or we made a prototype for testing. Used sails end up here in a variety of ways. In any event, the sails are great a value and if you find one that fits your needs you're in luck! If you want more information on any of the sail, please e-mail or call us. And of course, since we're a full-service sail loft, we can make any modifications to them to make them even better for you.

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Cape Dory Cutter Staysail, Hank On - Clearance
New Sail; Luff = 28.5, Leech = 24.5, Foot = 7.37 - 6.18 Dacron w/ #1 hanks
Cradle Cover - Clearance
Doyle Cradle Cover, Marine Blue, with a foot length of 20.1', a forward...
Cradle Cover - Clearance
This is a brand-new Doyle CradleCover built for a custom 30' boat but great...
Hinckley 51 In-Mast Furling Mainsail - Clearance
This is a brand-new, hoisted-once, in-mast furling mainsail built for a...
Lagoon 440 Cradle Cover (21.25' long) - Clearance
This is a Doyle CradleCover for a Lagoon 440, with a fully-reinforced Dacron...
Lagoon 500 Dacron Reacher - Clearance
A tough but light, free-flying reaching sail for a Lagoon 500. Hoisted with...
Luger 16 RF Jib (Luff 11.95')
This is a new, free-flying roller-furling jib with a wire luff (wire length...
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